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Contact with nature benefits both mind and body

Valerie Pawlowski, a personal trainer and founder of New Jersey Adventure Boot Camp in Peapack, reports that her clients work out at a faster pace when they exercise outdoors.

Charles Cook, a New Jersey trail guide and proprietor of Wild Earth Adventures in Garrison, N.Y, says he often fields emails from astonished novice hikers asking him why they feel so good days after a trek.

Bruce Crawford, director of the Rutgers Gardens in New Brunswick, notes that people tend to be more relaxed and social in a garden setting.

As it happens, those are more than random observations. A growing body of research indicates that the simple act of being outside in nature can yield all manner of physical and psychological benefits.

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Courier News Online

Darkness shrouds the grounds at Gill St. Bernard’s School in Gladstone . Dozens of sweatsuit-clad women gather outside the gym’s entrance, gear bags slung over their shoulders.

“I’d have worn my parka if I’d known we’d be locked out,” said a blonde woman of about 40 as she hops in place to ward off the 25-degree chill.

It’s 5:20 a.m. on Day Two of New Jersey Adventure Boot Camp for Women. Instructor Valerie Pawlowski of Peapack glanced around for alternative props. A park bench, a set of stairs, a railing and a wall will do if the janitor doesn’t show up.

“Give me a rubber band and a ball, and I’ll give you a workout,” she said later. “No way I’m sending them home with no exercise.”

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New Jersey Monthly April 2006

Health by Gail Fishman Gerwin
Happy Campers

It’s 5:30 AM asa group of women gather at Bernards Township’s Harry Dunham Park for an intense hour of hopping over parking lot rails, hanging from jungle gyms, and assorted calisthenics. This is the New Jersey Adventure Boot Camp (, led by certified personal trainer Valerie Pawlowski, owner of the Body Barn Peapack. Despite the early hour, each four-week session is packed with upbeat recruits enthusiastically sprinting, squatting, and lifting.

After training with California-based Boot Camp founder John Spencer Ellis, Pawlowski welcomed her first group last August. Each session begins with a nutrition seminar. “We have a full hourse,” Pawlowski says, “with mothers and daughters, entire wedding parties, sisters, good friends, all targeting personal goals. It creates camraderie from a shared endeavor that is grueling and exhilirating at the same time.” Do her recruits agree? When asked to describe the experience, they respond with the words motivating, inspiring, invigorating, and positively addictive.

April 23, 2006